List 5 things you did today that used fossil fuel

1. I drove to the coffee drive through place to get my latte this morning.

2. I finally changed into clean clothes that were delivered to me by a big delivery vehicle because they had gotten lost in transit.

3. I ate KFC that was delivered to us by Mike’s car that used fossil fuel.

4. The frozen chickens were delivered to KFC by delivery truck that used fossil fuel.

5. We got here by airplane that uses a lot of fossil fuel.

What do I want to do at Everett ALC this week?

I would like to work with Stevie on some of the Java Minecraft book. I would like to help him progress forward with that a bit.

I would like to see the projects Jackie has done in Unity.

I would like to do some more drawing with JR.

I would like to draw the dogs Izzie and Louis. I would like to do a study page or two of them.

I would like to look at some of the interesting Vlogs that Mike introduced me to.

I would like to swim daily and get a bit of exercise that way. I would like to help and encourage Douglas to work on his swimming this week and improve a bit.

I would like to chat to Lisa.

I would like to go to the Seattle Go Center and attend one of Nick Sibicky’s lessons live there. I have watched some of his Go lessons on YouTube. He is a great teacher.

I would like to help Tommy cook in preparation for JR’s birthday party.

I would like to do a bit of programming work on my Portfolio management system we use in our family business. AKA “The Pig”. I would like to add in a new source of dividend data and finish working on the new Day Trading Margin display page.